Born in France, Fabien Menegon has dedicated himself from a very young age to the cultivation of physical-corporal dexterity. His first contact with the Authentic Pilates Method, specifically at La Haya in the Netherlands, was while working as an internationally recognized ballet dancer in the 90’s. In 2001, Fabien was certificated as a teacher at the Authentic Pilates ™ certification center in Seattle.

In the United States, he perfected his knowledge teaching classes at Dorothee VandeWalle’s studio, Metropolitan Pilates. Later, in New York City, he studied and was tutored by direct descendants of Joseph Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Pace Mejía. Soon after, while working at the El Arte del Control Studio in Barcelona, Fabien commenced to collaborate in the training of new teachers and in the development and dissemination of the Method.

In 2003, as a founding member of the Spanish association of teachers of the Pilates Method, he decided to open “Centre Pilates Barcelona” in the heart of the city. Since then, he has taught more than 50,000 classes to individuals ranging from high-level athletes to people with various pathologies making him one of the most experienced and sought-after professors in the sector.

In 2004, Fabien founded the EEDAP (Escuela Española De Autentico Pilates/Spanish School of Authentic Pilates) offering certification courses for future professionals in the Authentic Method. Hundreds of professionals from around the globe have been certified at his school with locations that now extend beyond Barcelona and include Seville, Vigo and Oporto (Portugal).

Under the direction of Fabien Menegon, the school offers seminars aimed to help professionals on topics such as “Pilates and Scoliosis”, “Pilates and Pregnancy”, and “Pilates and Respiratory System” as well as participating in international conventions in Europe and South America. In 2016, he co-founded “Uno Pilates Method” and started recording videos in English, French, and Spanish on the acclaimed website, “Pilatesology”, an effort that continues still today.

Most recently, Fabien began producing webisodes designed to aide professionals in their practice. These “Tips Videos” can be viewed on EEDAP’s YouTube Channel and on Instagram at no charge.

Fabien Menegon studied ballet at the National Conservatory of Dance in Picardie, the Paris Opera, and with Rosella Hightower after a brief stint as an athletic gymnast. Fabien received gold medals both at the French National Competition in athletic gymnastics and as a dancer at the Conservatory in Picardie. He went on to perform with the Paris Opera, Trieste Communal Company (Italy), Scapino Ballet (the Netherlands), and Lanonima Imperial for the National Theatre of Catalonia. He has performed ballets choreographed by George Balanchine, Marius Petipa, Serge Lifar, Claude Bessy, Maurice Béjart, Jiří Kilian, Ed Wubbe, Itzik Galili, Richard Werlock, and Rudolf Nureyev, often dancing with Nureyev. As a dancer, he toured extensively throughout Europe, and in Japan, Egypt, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Fabien Menegon is currently one of the most coveted instructors of professionals working in the Authentic Method of Pilates worldwide.

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